Healing the heart of your Church

On January 7th and 8th, Mark Barnard of Blessing Point Ministries will be joining us for two important gatherings. On Saturday January 7th, Mark will be with us to lead us thru a Saturday morning seminar from his ministry. If you are a part of First Alliance you are welcome to join in on this great time together. Then mark will be bringing the message to us on January 8th. Below you can find some more info form Mark's ministry website:

Tapestries were often used to depict the history of a people or a nation as a painting might. Important scenes were knitted into fabric to preserve stories and events that otherwise might be lost to history. At Blessing Point we feel that a church’s spiritual journey through the years is like one of those tapestries, where stories of the great things God has done for a people get preserved and the stories are retold. However, sometimes a church’s tapestry can start to unravel or get torn by painful events. Blessing Point Ministries works to repair that damage.  We work to heal congregations that have been negatively impacted by painful crises.

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