Why A New Logo?

As we continue to walk together as a church into this new chapter, it became apparent thru many conversations and interactions among many of us around First Alliance Church that we didn't have a clear "visual identity". As the Strategic Planning team did the work of praying and thinking thru what our mission, vision, and priorities would be, it was clear that the time was right to begin to think about how we are visually presenting ourselves to our community. While the idea of "branding" and "visual identity" can seem to be overly concerned with "marketing", it is not unhealthy for a church to consider how we are perceived by those we wish to reach in our community. To begin the process of logo design, a small team of church members was formed to first discuss a concept, and then begin to design a logo.

As this team met and discussed what symbol might be used to represent First Alliance Church, we knew we wanted to communicate that our church was about the good of our community and our city. If you have ever had any type of conversation in which you explain our churches location, you no doubt used the Lake Underhill bridge as a landmark to explain where our campus is located. This is the concept for our new church logo. There already are architectural design elements on these bridge pillars that somewhat resemble a cross, and so we took these elements and used them to create a cross on our logo as well. In the end, this logo accomplishes several goals:

  1. It speaks to our church's mission to GO into our city and our world to make disciples.
  2. It speaks to the centrality of the cross in our lives.
  3. It boasts a bold, clean, and timeless design that is easily useable in many situations. 

I am hopeful that this new logo is a visual expression of the reality that God is at work doing something fresh and new here at First Alliance Church. 

-Pastor Jeff