Developing A Bright and Sustainable Future for First Alliance Church

Former baseball great, Yogi Berra, perhaps stated it best in regards to organizations and planning:  “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll never get there.” Many organizations, including churches, are never able to move forward in a positive direction because they have not developed any type of strategic plan. Yet, few subjects are of greater importance to Christian organizations than planning.  I have often said that if we fail to plan, plan to fail.  

First Alliance Church, you have invited me to serve as your “Interim” Lead Pastor, but this does not mean we will be operating in a “business as usual” mode.  We do not want the Church to become static.  We want to develop a bright and sustainable future for the Church as we follow biblical principles for building a healthy church and fulfilling the Great Commission.  We need to engage in planning

With this in mind, I ask you to join hands with me as we help to chart the future direction of First Alliance Church.  We will be looking at important planning matters such as mission, core values, vision, evaluation, priorities, and strategies.  While I will be working closely with the Elder Board, Governing Board, and a Strategic Planning Task Force, I invite all members of the Church to participate in a very early step in this planning process.  It will begin this Sunday evening, February 15 at 5:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall as we assess the current ministry of the Church.  We will focus our attention on four key areas:

  • Strengths—What is working well?
  • Weaknesses—What is missing or needs improvement?
  • Opportunities—What possibilities do we see?
  • Threats—What obstacles do we identify?

Thank you in advance for your participation.  Thank you for your commitment to the future direction of First Alliance Church and for being involved in the planning process.

“Unless commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes, but not plans.”  Peter Drucker  

“All this is in writing,” David said, “because the hand of the Lord was upon me, and he gave me understanding in all the details of the plan.”  I Chronicles 28:19


Larry J. McKinney

Interim Lead Pastor